Why you are not losing weight during breastfeeding

Updated: July 10, 2017

I have given birth to 3 babies, and till now I have not lost a single pound while nursing. One thing was certain that breastfeeding lowers women’s risks but with a lot of trial and error, I was able to figure out the correct method. What I thought was impossible, was fine-tuned within a matter of few weeks.

It is an extra challenge to shed those extra pounds gained during pregnancy along with breastfeeding. Some of the long term breastfeeding side effects and the problems which mothers have are illustrated below.

The sweet spot has not been found out till now

Your breastfeeding body loves fat and cutting down on massive calories will not work out. If no fuel is coming in, it will not let go the fat reserves. Consume enough amount of calories to let your body relax and let go the extra fat deposits. You should eat less than your weight gain range. A lot of women end up having an increase in calories before they gradually begin to lose weight.

Being too much restrictive in nature

In line with the scenario of not consuming too much calories, another reason on why women fail to make any progress is that nursing becomes too restrictive in nature. Cutting down on carbs, and forgoing your favourite is considered unnecessary,   the key is to plan your meal incorporating all your desired foods. You should consume 200 to 300 calories of food that you like. How does it work?  It goes on to eliminate the number one obstacle the binge cycle.

Do not listen to all the advice that certain food is considered to be evil. This is not life and you just need to find the right balance of foods and particularly fun foods. Eat within that sweet spot and progress will be made towards your goals.

No need for a long and hard exercise to shed that extra weight

Forget those gruelling workout schedules as it will not happen in the first year when you are finding feet. Opt for short exercise sessions of 20 to 30 minutes, which will put your body on a fat burning mode day and night. Exercising with a new born baby is not an easy task and with a lot of pressure on your shoulders it is better less than forgotten.

You cannot venture on to an exercise programme with the notion that you will shed those extra pounds. Before you see any results, you will eventually run out of patience.

The mind-set is off

None of the above factors mentioned holds relevance, if you do not get the mind right. Your mind is a picture book of your actions and it will point to that direction where you want it to go. If your thoughts are negative than positive results cannot be achieved. Conversely if your thoughts are positive, your actions will be an enigma of that. What women think is that they will diet and exercise towards a healthy body and their body accepts that.

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